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Who Owns the South China Sea?

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  • Joe Biden's Defense Budget Is Great...for Russia and China
    John Rossomando Defense Budget, Obama-era defense cuts crippled America’s ability to keep up with our adversaries. Further cuts will only further erode the U.S. military’s ability to deter increasing threats from China and Russia. President... Topics: Joe Biden, China, Barack Obama, Military
  • The Russian Navy’s Nuclear-Powered Battlecruiser: Now RIP?
    Mark Episkopos Russian Navy, Europe Initially projected to rejoin the Navy in 2018, the Nakhimov’s handoff was subsequently postponed to 2022. Now its been pushed back even more. The post-refit handover of Russia’s Admiral Nakhimov...
  • Kremlin: France, Germany Must be Bewildered by Claims Minsk Accords are 'Useless'
    Moscow recently condemned the surge of violence in eastern Ukraine, accusing Kiev's forces of violating the ceasefire in most of the cases. The Kremlin stressed that the Ukrainian government must start fulfilling the agreements reached in Minsk,... Topics: Kremlin, France, Germany, Belarus, Minsk, Moscow, Ukraine, Kiev
  • Russia Is Updating Its Armor. The Armata Tank Is Just the Beginning.
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  • $180 Billion and Counting: How Russia Sells So Many Weapons
    Peter Suciu Russia, From 2015 to 2019, Russia accounted for 21 percent of total arms exports. Here's What You Need to Remember: Despite the ongoing pandemic, this year's Army 2020 event was not noticeably scaled down from its previous...