Russia Furious @ Trump for Venezuela Overthrow

Less than one month after WOTA posted a news story about Russia sending two nuclear bombers and Iran sending a warship to Venezuela, the Venezuelan government was overthrown and replaced with an American-friendly President.

Sumpin’ Ain’t Right.

Coincidence? Sounds like CIA covert operation. Vladmir Putin is furious with President Trump for declaring Juan Guaidó as the legitimate President, while labeling President Nicolas Maduro as illegal and ousting him for the record.

Suddenly, Russia is kicked out of the Western Hemisphere along with Iran. The nuclear threat to America is gone from Venezuela. Or is it? Will Russia and Maduro just roll over and play dead? Or is a full-fledge Civil War in the making? Depends upon whom the Venezuelan Army supports. during the riots, half the soldiers fired tear gas, while the other half stood back and took pictures.


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