Satan 101

Satan 101

A Supernatural Account of your Enemy

Satan 101 is your dossier about Satan. I am going to expose Satan. Jesus has taken me out of my body for over forty years, and escorted me to the Dark World in order to get first-hand knowledge to share with you. War of the Angels was created by Divine Guidance for this very moment in tme.Hosea 4:6 says that God’s children perish because they lack knowledge. Before Joshua went into battle to secure the Holy Land, he always sent spies to learn what the enemy was doing.

Actual picture of Satan
Actual picture of Satan

God wants you to know what Satan is doing. Too many Christians are afraid to discuss Satan. That is deadly foolish. They are giving him a free run to do as he pleases in complete secrecy. Not here. This is my “dossiere” of the Prince of Darkness.

You would be wise to direct your family, friends, acquaintances, Facebook friends, and co-workers to this one-of-a-kind Holy Site.

This dossiere is not intended to frighten you, as I will be accused. Rather, its purpose is to keep you from being terrified by having to live through it, unawares. Remember, you have ALL authority over him if you are “born-again.” Just tell him, “By the Power of His Blood,” and he will fall at your feet.

Michael Mullen

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