Biden Executive Order Explores Implementing Mark of the Beast for COVID-666.

President Biden issued an Executive Order directing the State Department to work with the World Health Organization, the International Civil Aviation Organization, the International Air Transport Association, foreign governments and others to establish international travel standards. Further, the order directs the Secretaries of the State Department, Department of Health and Human Services, and Department of Homeland Security, in coordination with relevant international organizations, to assess the feasibility of linking vaccination status with digital certificates for international travel. On the domestic side, the Administration is working with a number of privately-led vaccine passport initiatives already underway, to develop guidelines and address issues such as accessibility, privacy, and other access barriers. There are at least 17 such U.S.-based initiatives involving companies and institutions including Microsoft, IBM, MasterCard, the Mayo Clinic, and MIT. So far, these efforts remain in the development stage and none of these organizations has yet launched a vaccine passport for widespread use in the U.S. In the absence of a widely used vaccine passport system, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “vaccination report card”, which is issued to each vaccinated individual, is being used as proof of vaccination in many cases for access to some activities and facilities. However, these cards can be falsified and lack a digital counterpart, upping the stakes on the need to develop standards and implement security measures.