War of the Angels Radio Network

World's First Christian Internet Radio Show in History

Seeking Olde Tyme Fire-and-Brimstone Pentecostal Preacher

The Oldest Christian Internet radio network in the world is seeking an old-fashioned preacher to become part of our high-traffic program lineup. This would be a major opportunity for a small church to broadcast to thousands of listeners on our established network. WOTA (War of the Angels) would charge only a nominal fee to qualified preacher for broadcast time, and with no obligation or contract to sign. Pay as you go, quit any time.

We are very picky about who we allow on this network. We believe in a Supernatural God who never changes, although the world has changed greatly. All gifts of the Holy Ghost are still intact. There is a Pre-Tribulation Rapture coming very soon. We are not politically correct, so don't be afraid to tell the Truth. Prosperity preaching is from Satan, who deceives the world. Their membership is great, while they "tickle the ears" of lukewarm Christians. Satan has not "Attacked" the church, but rather he has "Joined" the church.

We have never allowed "Sunday Sermons" on our network before, as they are not really "radio shows." But now we are actively seeking a preacher who can literally scare the hell out of an unsuspecting generation that has no idea the horrors that await them if they are left behind in the Rapture.

If YOU are that Fire-and-Brimstone preacher we are seeking, please email to:

mmullen@waroftheangels.com for details.

If you KNOW SOMEONE who meets our criteria, please refer them here so they can learn more about us. Hope to hear from them.

History of WOTA (War of the Angels) Radio

In 1992 the Internet, known then as the "Information Superhighway," was opened to the general public. "Nobody knew what it was back then," said Michael Mullen, Founder of the Network. "I didn't know what to expect because hardly anyone even had speakers to listen. I just knew it was going to be big someday."

It got VERY big. Today Internet radio outpaces over-the-air-radio (terrestrial radio) in every aspect, to the point where over-the-air stations are going bankrupt and the only thing saving them is that they now simulcast over the Internet. Terrestrial Radio is a dinosaur, essentially extinct, with "online streaming" acting as their "life support" system.

Most people in America do not even own a "radio." Even "Prime Time" radio, also known as "Drive Time," is dying. Gone are the days when the drive to-and-from work had everyone tuned to their popular radio show. Now, Drive Time is being replaced by mp3 players, cell phones with stored music, iPods, and other devices that play your favorite music lists without all those annoying commercials. "I saw this coming decades ago," says Mullen.

He was the first computer analyst in the National Basketball Association when the Internet came along, and as such. computer scientists from across America befriended him with developing technology before the general public knew about it. One day a computer developer phoned Mullen to advise that audio had just been invented for the personal computer. You could "talk" over the Internet.

While Mullen worked full time for the Indiana Pacers, he attended World Harvest Bible College, and with the breaking news of audio bursting upon the Internet scene, he immediately set about to establish the first Christian Internet Radio Network in the world..

Today you have many options to upload a podcast. But you only have ONE opportunity to be with the First one in History, having burst onto the scene over a quarter-century ago. Over the years, tens of millions of listeners have visited the website, and listened to the radio. Now you have the opportunity for them to hear YOU.

War of the Angels Radio Network.

Ephesians 6:12

We are not fighting human versus human, but Satan versus the Lord.

We are engaged in a Supernatural Battle for control of Earth.

Whatever happened to the Olde Tyme Fire and Brimstone Wrath of God No-Holds-Barred Pentecostal Preachers who rocked their congregations, had them dancing in the aisles, and raising their hands and shouting to the Lord? Wow, do I ever want to find THAT guy!!

The Lord granted me the skills over the years to turn small churches into online mega-churches. There is only so much that can be explained in an email or web page. We need to talk. Drop me an email with your phone number. I will call you and explain everything in detail.

Michael Mullen




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"Michael Mullen of Indianapolis, Indiana, is a true American success story."

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"The story of Michael Mullen is an inspiring one. Michael is an example of how our citizens can take advantage of opportunities available in America."

George H. W. Bush
President, United States of America

"The Indiana Pacers are the most sophisticated computer users in all of sports, and Mike (Mullen) is the reason why."

 Bob Perkins
 Corporate Program Manager

"The League (NBA Headquarters) has no comprehension as to the level the Pacers are at. You (Mike Mullen) are going into areas where no one has ever been."

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"We consider you (with your presence on the information highway) to be our competition."

Jamie Dershowitz, Legal Department, NBA

"Nobody's ever marketed like this before. It seems remarkable. We don't even know how to classify what you're doing."

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"Michael Mullen is generally regarded as the top computer analyst in professional basketball."

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"We at PRODIGY recognize that you provide invaluable information on the Sports BB, and we want to ensure that you continue to do so. Your unique perspective...brings a fresh and exciting outlook to the board, which is something we want to encourage and support.

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"Dear Mr. Mullen:

"...You are an example of what can be achieved through hard work and determination. Congratulations on your success, and I hope that you'll continue to share your story and to encourage others.

"Keep up the good work, and God bless you."

George Bush