Breaking: Chaos Escalating in Gaza.
War has Begun. Leading to WWIII

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  • Russia Is Defeating The U.S. In The Middle East Oil Game
    The US made a mess of Iraq, and at considerable cost, and Russia is in the process of picking up the best pieces. Topics: Russia
  • Turkey Reveals New Plan to Buy Drones, Helicopters and Air Defense Systems
    Turkey's defense procurement agency has unveiled an ambitious procurement plan for 2020, even as its economy seeks to recover from a recession and the government spends money fighting wars in multiple theaters, including Iraq and Syria. Topics: Turkey, Drones, Syria
  • Indonesia Bans Ex-ISIS Fighters From Returning Home
    Indonesia says it doen't want Islamic State fighters who went to Syria and Iraq to come home, calling them a national security risk. But that decision has sparked criticism from some, who say most of the refugees are actually the wives and children... Topics: Indonesia, Isis, Syria
  • Yazidis Push for Reparation Bill in Iraqi Parliament
    The Yazidi religious minority in Iraq is seeking to gain enough support in the Iraqi parliament for a draft law that provides support and rehabilitation for the community, particularly the female members who escaped Islamic State abduction.The... Topics: Religion
  • As Trump Gives Up on 'Endless Wars,' Russia, China, and Iran Move In
    The latest Trump administration deal with the Taliban, challenges to the U.S. role in Syria and Iraq, and a potential reduction of forces in Africa point to a global trend in how the U.S. will deal with counter-insurgency in the future. Topics: Russia, China, Iran, Taliban, Syria

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