Breaking: Chaos Escalating in Gaza.
Is Israel a Superpower?
War has Begun. Leading to WWIII

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  • Smoke Rises, Sirens Wail at Gaza's Deadly Recurring Protests
    Atalla Fayoumi hobbles on crutches across the sunbaked plain near Israel's perimeter fence in the Gaza Strip, gazing toward plumes of smoke that have begun rising from a clutch of burning tires in the distance.      The 18-year-old... Topics: Gaza Strip, Protests, Israel
  • Canadian Students Federation Endorses BDS, Condemns Israeli ‘Atrocities in Gaza’
    Canada’s largest student organization endorsed the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement on Monday, an international campaign to put economic pressure on the Israeli government to end its occupation of Palestinian land. Topics: Gaza Strip, Canada
  • Netanyahu’s ceasefire is meant to keep Gaza imprisoned
    Palestinians in Gaza should have been able to breathe a sigh of relief last week, as precarious ceasefire talks survived a two-day-long, heavy exchange of strikes that threatened to unleash yet another large-scale military assault by Israel. Late on... Topics: Benjamin Netanyahu, Gaza Strip, Military, Israel
  • More woe for Lippi as China held at home by Palestine
    Shanghai (AFP) – Marcello Lippi will face fresh scrutiny after his insipid China side were held to a stale 1-1 home draw by 99th-ranked Palestine in a friendly on Tuesday. With less than 50 days until the Asian Cup in the UAE, China’s... Topics: China, Shanghai
  • Ben White’s hopeful vision may include some false positives
    CRACKS IN THE WALL Beyond Apartheid in Palestine/Israel by Ben White 144 pp. Pluto Press $15 In his 2016 book, “Trouble in the Tribe: The American Jewish Conflict Over Israel,” Dov Waxman concluded that, “The pro-Israel consensus... Topics: Apartheid, Israel

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  • Child Refugees Abused in UK-Funded Libya Camps – Reports
    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - A network of 26 refugee camps partly funded by the UK government has been holding around a thousand minors for months with little food or clothing, The Guardian newspaper reports. Topics: United Kingdom, Russia, Moscow
  • Nigeria, Uganda, Mali, Morocco qualify for Cup of Nations
    Johannesburg (AFP) – Nigeria, Uganda, Mali and Morocco qualified for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations on Saturday while Libya scored eight goals to keep alive their hopes of also featuring at the finals. Nigeria drew 1-1 with South Africa in... Topics: Nigeria, Uganda, Mali, Morocco, South Africa
  • Et Tu, RT? Amplifying Western Disinformation on Rwanda
    The great lie about the Rwandan bloodbath opened the door to a far larger genocide in Congo and helped justify U.S. military interventions in Libya and Syria, argues Ann Garrison. By Ann Garrison Black Agenda Report During a recent... Topics: Rwanda, Military, Syria
  • Scholar: Libya is Too Divided, National Election by Mid-2019 "Is Impossible"
    International talks on Libya ended on Tuesday in the Italian city of Palermo. Commenting on their results, Egyptian expert on international relations Nizar Mufti told Sputnik that the conference can be considered successful only if an agreement is...
  • Italian Lawmakers Call Palermo Summit Successful 'Step to Stabilize Libya'
    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Italian lawmakers praised the results of the recent international conference in Palermo on the Libyan political settlement, in their comments to Sputnik on Thursday, saying that it laid the foundation for establishing stability... Topics: Russia, Moscow

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