Breaking: Chaos Escalating in Gaza.
War has Begun. Leading to WWIII

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  • Drone Attack Suspected at Iraqi Shi'ite Ammunition Depot
    An ammunition dump belonging to Iraqi Shi'ite militia forces — known popularly as al Hushd al-Shaabi — exploded Tuesday evening, following Arab media reports of a drone strike on the area near Balad Air Base, 60 kilometers (37 miles) north of... Topics: Drones, Baghdad
  • Report: ISIS is gaining in Syria and Iraq
    (Paul Mirengoff) The New York Times reports that ISIS is gathering new strength and conducting guerrilla attacks across Iraq and Syria. Observers are confident that ISIS won’t reclaim anything like its former physical territory, a... Topics: Isis, Syria
  • Mystery Airstrike Rocks Baghdad Base With US Forces Present; Netanyahu Hints Israel Active Over Iraq
    Another Shiite militia base near Baghdad has been attacked by airstrikes from an unknown source on Tuesday, one week after a huge blast ripped through a separate pro-Iran militia weapons storehouse near the Iraqi capital's 'Green Zone'. Arabic... Topics: Baghdad, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel, Iran
  • Islamic State persists despite territory loss: Pompeo
    The Islamic State group remains a threat in Syria and Iraq, and in some areas has even gained power despite the elimination of their “caliphate”, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Tuesday. “There are places where ISIS is more... Topics: Mike Pompeo, Syria, Isis
  • How Iran Is Taking Ancient F-14 Tomcats and Making Them Better
    David Axe Security, Like a fine wine, they get better with age?  Five decades in, Iran’s F-14s are only getting better and better. And more and more important to the Persian state’s defense. On April 9, 1972, Iraq and the Soviet Union signed... Topics: Iran

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