War of the Angels was founded in 1978 when the Lord pulled me from my body for the first time. I was writing a book about the WWII ship, U.S.S. Indianapolis, based upon Top Secret papers released to me by President Gerald Ford when he left office in 1976. I had every major publisher in America wanting to bid on rights to my book, "Bad Things in the Dark."

But two years into the project, the Lord said to me plain-as-day, "Do not write that (Indianapolis.). Write this."

That is when he pulled me out of my body and took me to a dark world where angels were at war. "Write what you see."

I called it, "War of the Angels." Those out-pf-body journeys with Jesus continued for 40 years. I thought of them like Moses wandering through the wilderness. It consumed nearly my entire life. Jesus told me, "Well done."

Now he is sending me back to my career as an author. You can find me at:


I will reach the world through my books.

Michael Mullen