U.N. Migration Plan

Italians take to the streets in protest of the U.N. Migration Plan that has created a massive invasion of uninvited Muslim immigrants, who are dominating large portions of Italy with no intention of assimilation.

They have dramatically increased violent crime, they terrorize citizens, rape young girls, and much more as they incorporate Sharia Law into Italy. It is against Sharia Law for them to work in infidel nations, thereby driving up taxes and creating tensions with the Italian citizens who must foot the bill. The rising welfare burdens could someday collapse the economy, if solutions are not found. Still the migrants migrants keep coming, and their demands are even greater.

So why, then, does the United Nations condemn the Italian government and its own citizens for their objections to being overrun by invading immigrants? The UN is on an aggressive campaign to force Western nations to accept open borders. It devised the UN Migration Plan, which incredibly would hand over border control of sovereign states to the United Nations.

Can you imagine if the United Nations was fully in charge of America’s borders? That is exactly what the U.N. Migration Plan proposes. To date, the United States has opted out, but with Obama’s Deep State government returning to Congress, it is their hidden agenda to give America’s power to the U.N. Goodbye America. Hello Antichrist.

Italy, however, opted-in to the U.N. Migration Plan. Now they want out. The government has proposed its own immigration policy, giving preference to the citizens of Italy and for their well-being and safety. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is expressing concern for the “continued smear campaign in Italy.” The United Nations is condemning Italy as Islamophobic, and for threatening the rights of migrants in Italy. The UN High Commissioner for Human Right accuses Italy of being hateful and exclusionary This is the standard accusation against any country which resists Islamization.

The real agenda is neither political nor earthly. It is to bring about Chrislam as the One-World Religion during the Tribulation Period. They are aggressively pursuing all avenues to make that happen. Notice the Pope making statements and taking actions to promote the coming together of Christianity and Islam. Chrislam is coming immediately after the Rapture and World War Three.  They are prepping the world for it now.

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