The Bible actually speaks of TWO beasts of the Great Tribulation Period. (1) The Antichrist. This is the human being that Satan will incarnate when he is cast down to Earth by Archangel Michael. He is the major beast. (2) A little beast also makes an appearance. He is called the "False Prophet." No, he is absolutely NOT the Pope.  He will be Middle Eastern, and it will be proclaimed that he is Jesus Christ, as he descends from Heaven in a Grand Illusion. He appears to work minor miracles, such as thunder and lightening, which is accomplished by the Rothschild "atmospheric heaters" positioned around the globe, such as HAARP in isolated Alaska. It heats the atmosphere, changes the jet stream, and creates catastrophic weather patterns as weapons of mass destruction, including thunder and lightening (and climate change).

This fake Jesus will be accepted because the Rapture has removed all born-again Christians and the Holy Ghost, leaving only lukewarm Christians who readily accept "Chrislam" as the religion of the world. Because Islam would never accept a "Son of God," they use the title of "Prophet" for Jesus which is palatable to all people. Islam speaks of Jesus as a Prophet. This "fake Jesus" is the "False Prophet" who will convince the world to worship Satan as God, indwelled inside the Antichrist. Pope Francis is busily educating the world that Allah and the God of Abraham are the same God, and that Chrislam should be accepted. The Pope is paving the way, but will not be the False Prophet. That will be the Fake Jesus from the Middle East.

Opus Dei is not Christian
Opus Dei Preparing for Alien Invasion