COVID is not about communism versus capitalism. It is not even about the New World Order. COVID is about the Reign of the Antichrist. He is already here, waiting in the wings

This is a TRUE story of Supernatural Prophecies from the Lord.

I was writing a book about the U.S.S. Indianapolis based upon Top Secret papers released to me by President Gerald Ford. I had thousands of declassified documents about the ship cited in the blockbuster movie, JAWS.

I was the first person to ever see them, and every major publisher in America wanted to make a bid for the rights to publish it. But I would never complete the book.

Two years into the project, something out of this world happened to me.

I heard Jesus say to me, plain as day, "Do not write that (Indianapolis). Write this."

He then supernaturally pulled me from my body and escorted me to a spiritual world of angels at war. Those supernatural expeditions spanned four decades, and with each new vision, Jesus always commanded, "Write what you see."

“COVID—666: Dawn of the Antichrist,” commences when the Lord yanks me out of my body for the first time. The bizarre encounters never ceased. I have seen Jesus face-to-face numerous times. He always told me, "Write what you see." I did, and here it is.

COVID-666 was intentionally unleashed on an unsuspecting world, to crash global economies and to bring into existence the Mark of Beast.

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Michael is a Christian Zionist, which means he believes that Jesus is the Christian Son of God,  and also the Jewish Messiah. He observes the Jewish Sabbath from Friday Evening until Saturday Evening, and observes the Lord's Day on Sunday.