Will Trump declare Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel?

President Donald Trump will visit Israel in May. Speculation says that he will declare that Jerusalem is the undivided Capital of Israel. Furthermore, he might also announce that America will be moving their Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

If either one of these scenarios comes to fruition, all hell will break loose with Islamic Jihadists. And if he makes both proclamations, they will be whipped into a demonic fervor. And yes, they are demonic. Islam was founded thousands of years after Moses led his people to the Promised Land, and Joshua crossed the Jordan to capture Israel from the Canaanites (SahTAHN’s bloodline). Islam was never a consideration. It did not even exist. Even Mohammad thought that he angel who gave him the Koran was evil. It was evil. Very evil. It was SahTAHN, himself.

SahTAHN and G-D have been battling for the rights to Jerusalem since the Heavenly rebellion. It was the seat of G-D’s Earthly Throne. The site of the Garden of Eden. SahTAHN created Islam for the sole purpose of undeifying Jesus Christ, and to unseat the Jewish nation as G-D’s chosen people. To kill Christianity and Judaism. To Glorify Allah (SahTAHN). To claim Jerusalem for Allah (himself).

Islamic Jihadists are very willing to die for SahTAHN. They are demonically oppressed, and in some cases, even possessed. If President Donald Trump makes a move to take Jerusalem from Islam, we are on the brink of war. And because former-President Barack Obama was either very weak or pro-Islam, as a Muslim, himself, he allowed Russia to fill a vacuum in Syria. When the Islamic Jihadists beat their war drums, they will be joined by all the Muslim nations. And according to Ezekiel 38, Russia will lead them into Israel. Because of Obama, Russia is now at the border of Israel. All the pieces of Prophecy are in place. We are anxiously awaiting the extraordinary proclamation by America’s leader.